Who We Are

We provide advisory services for senior business and IT executives to maximize the realized business value of technology investments.

Combining the strength of our expertise in technology management at global institutions and our industry leading frameworks and tools, we work with executives, stakeholders, customers, and providers of enterprise technology to formulate and implement digital-age appropriate technology strategies and operating models.

Why We Are Different

We are unconditionally committed to your success


In the digital age, the business and technology executives demand outcomes -- not  the traditional consulting outputs, -- from their advisory partners. Hence, we offer an innovative engagement model, called Advisory as a Service (AaaS):

  • You define your success criteria in terms of KPIs and targets. You also set a value to achieving those targets.

  • When your KPIs hit targets, we receive a fee commensurate with the value you have set. You owe nothing when we can't help you achieve and sustain your targets.

  • You can terminate the service anytime you desire. 

We are able to offer AaaS option, because we are confident about where the untapped value opportunities are in the existing IT operating environments, and we have the means to get to them. 


Can your current technology management advisory partners offer the same?

We are innovators


We are pioneering the analysis of the system behavior of IT to maximize the business value of technology investments. Our Technology Management Lab (TML) tool is unique in that it incorporates the proven techniques of systems engineering, modern portfolio theory, and predictive analytics in the design and management of enterprise IT operating environments.

We are Lean!​​​​


Our technology management and digital transformation philosophy is founded on the principles of lean. We believe that all individuals, teams, and organizations should strive to outdo themselves continuously, rather than race against imperfect benchmarks or vague targets. With this tone set at the beginning of every effort, we strive for excellent client team participation.