What is it?

AFaaS is a management decision support service that provides key milestone forecast and
effort projections for agile demand, and multi-sprint backlog
projections for agile teams:

  • Designed for portfolio leaders, program and project managers, product managers and product owners;

  • Leverages advanced analytics to enhance the quality of management decisions during backlog prioritization, work scheduling and resource planning;

  • Extracts actionable insights from a vast array of operational, financial, and organization data captured in the existing enterprise systems through the use of proprietary statistical models and decision algorithms.

Agile Forecasting as a Service - AFaaS

Why do you need it?


Due to continuous scope refinements, unknown dependencies, iterative workflows and numerous feedback-loops affecting the agile teams, estimation and forecasting is often deemed as impossible. Not anymore, because AFaaS can recreate a complete forecast for organizations with hundreds of teams and thousands of engineers within hours. During our extensive lab tests, AFaaS demonstrated a double digit percentage improvement in portfolio productivity and throughout.

How does it work?


AFaaS utilizes a stand-alone software tool that runs on a local computer at your company’s site. It receives periodic file-drops from your existing tool-sets, e.g., Jira, Rally, Rational, Apptio, Primavera, etc.
This service employs proprietary models and algorithms to discover insightful patterns in your agile environment data, and conducts expert analyses to validate / improve the accuracy of collected knowledge and insights. Analyses focus on the following areas:

  • Key milestones (e.g., initiated, baselined, implemented, delivered, done) for demand (e.g., initiative, epic, feature, story)

  • Projected effort per demand during the remaining phases of the development lifecycle

  • Multi-sprint backlog effort projection per team

Next step

  • We will start offering this service to a limited number of clients in Q3F18.

  • Contact us to schedule an introductory phone conversation to explore how AFaaS can help you advance your goals.

What does it cost?


We are unconditionally commitment to maximizing the business value of your investments:

  • You define your success criteria in-terms of KPIs and targets. You set a value to achieving these targets. And yes, we can recommend you KPIs tailored to your needs.

  • When your KPIs hit targets, you pay a monthly gain-share fee commensurate with the value you have set. You owe nothing when your targets are not achieved.

  • You can terminate the service anytime you desire.


There is a small start-up fee that covers the assessment of your operating environment and the initial setup of AFaaS customized to your needs.


Note: If we uncover gaps between the current state of your operating environment and the minimum requirements to achieve your desired success criteria, we will recommend options to best address those gaps.