The Lean Portfolio Management Solution

The patent-pending lean portfolio management solution draws upon proven management concepts such as lean manufacturing, systems management, and the portfolio theory of finance.


Technology Management Lab (TML)


Technology Management Lab (TML)  is our proprietary tool to leverage the proven techniques of modern portfolio theory, lean manufacturing and systems engineering in the design of enterprise IT operating models. TML utilizes a proprietary IT operating model framework, i.e., organization, governance, data, workflows and metrics, and numerous heuristic decision algorithms. It has basic data ingestion accelerators, 50+ agile performance specific analytics queries, various visualization models to analyze enterprise IT activities, identify performance gaps with the simulated best practices, and recommend management actions.

Effective IT management frameworks

Most CIO organizations are unable to realize their full potential due to the short-comings of the aged technology management practices – that are functional segmentation, IT financial accounting, project management, plan-driven development, and the like. These practices were optimized for the industrial-age and are proven to be inadequate in the digital-age. Consequently, there is a significant value trapped in IT organizations today in terms of out of tune policies, embedded contingencies, and excessive indirect activities, like oversight and support. We developed extensive thought leadership and management frameworks to effectively identify and reclaim the trapped value in today's IT organizations. 

Governance frameworks

Agile is beautiful when only a few scrum teams are involved. However, it becomes very quickly chaotic as the program size exceeds over 100 FTEs.
Our governance model defines 13 specific roles and function, their interactions, inputs and outputs, commitments and controls, roles and responsibilities. This model is then integrated with the analytics tool and metrics system. 


Data Models

Our effective IT reference model provides a practical framework to establish meaningful relationships between demand, consumption, products, resources and environments and work activities. These relationships provide the foundations of the analytics queries we execute within our technology management lab (TML) tool.

Performance frameworks

Traditional means of technology investment management doesn’t work well with agile. In fact, they produce misinformation and they waste resources. 
Therefore, we developed a comprehensive performance management framework that clearly links customer commitments to financial commitments, internal operations and continuous improvement activities. The framework defines management controls, goals, targets, desired behaviors and corrective actions specific to agile.