What is it?

ITEaaS is an executive management advisory service to significantly elevate the

business relevancy of the enterprise IT function through substantial and continuous 

improvements in return on investments (ROI), total cost of ownership (TCO), throughput and speed:

  • Designed for CxOs (CIO, CDO, CMO, CFO), sponsors and stakeholders of technology investments and the senior technology executives

  • Addresses the shortcomings of the traditional IT operating model by methodically cultivating and executing digital-age appropriate, innovative technology management practices with precision, e.g., product organization, iterative  and agile development, XaaS, DevOps, and Cloud.

  • Progressively introduces executive KPIs to support the advancement of the IT organization from providing efficiency and reliability to delivering productivity and speed, and ultimately, to enabling the business outcomes at scale

  • Establishes the necessary financial transparency and management controls for a gradual shift in the CxO agenda from governing technology spending as a cost of doing business to managing it as a source of alpha.

IT Effectiveness - ITEaaS

Why do you need it?


Innovations in technology management haven't kept up with the breathtaking speed of the digital revolution. The traditional IT operating model -- optimized for efficiency and reliability  -- is struggling to deliver innovative digital solutions at scale and speed. 

In search of new technology management practices better suited for a digital world, we performed extensive empirical studies on several emerging management practices by leveraging more than 2,000 years of simulated IT operations data. The end results were truly enlightening: we were not only able to explain in detail why the traditional model is repeatedly struggling, but also we figured out how to introduce the emerging management practices at scale into an existing IT operating environment with confidence.

Our analysis uncovered numerous complementary and contradictory relationships between the key performance indicators that can be influenced by the choice of management practices and policies employed by IT. As illustrated in the diagram below, a higher throughput does not guarantee a better business outcome, speed is key to IT effectiveness but prohibitive expensive at traditionally-run IT organizations, overemphasis on cost may destroy significant business value.

Efficient IT vs. effective IT comparison
IT effectiveness sample KPIs

To uncover the dynamics and optimum trade-off levels among the forces impacting the effectiveness of IT organizations with accuracy, we have developed a unique transformation methodology and a management tool, a.k.a., technology management lab (TML).  With these assets at hand, we can formulate digital-age appropriate, advanced IT operating model solutions that are tailored for the specific characteristics of the individual IT organizations. Furthermore, we can extensively test and improve the efficacy of these solutions in TML prior to an actual roll-out without risking ongoing operations.  

How does it work?


We provide executive management advisory on the following topics:

  • Operating model enhancement-- governance, workforce, interactions, and process

  • Performance framework design -- executive balanced scorecards, KPIs and targets, data model, tools, management controls, reports

  • Transformation assistance -- road map design, implementation oversight, change enablement, and benefits accounting

  • Ongoing policy refinement – what-if analysis to assess the organization-wide effect of major  policy decisions impacting both the change and the run components of IT.

  • Continuous improvement -- Detailed performance reporting on ROI, TCO, throughput, productivity and speed; root-cause analysis; and ongoing refinements to team-level performance targets 

What does it cost?


We are unconditionally commitment to maximizing the business value of your investments:

  • You define your success criteria in-terms of KPIs and targets. You set a value to achieving these targets. And yes, we can recommend you KPIs tailored to your needs.

  • When your KPIs hit targets, you pay a monthly gain-share fee commensurate with the value you have set. You owe nothing when your targets are not achieved.

  • You can terminate the service anytime you desire.


There is a small start-up fee that covers the assessment of your operating environment and the initial setup of ITEaaS customized to your needs.


Note: If we uncover gaps between the current state of your operating environment and the minimum requirements to achieve your desired success criteria, we will recommend options to best address those gaps.

Effective IT performance framework

Next step

  • We will start offering this service to a limited number of customers in Q2F18.

  • Contact us to schedule an introductory phone conversation to explore how ITEaaS can help you advance your goals.