Yes, you can significantly elevate Outcomes and Speed  at your agile organization!

  • Agile methodology is a game-changer in the digital age and a superior management approach to deliver business outcomes through technology initiatives.

  • However, it is inherently complex to implement at scale, and its superiority comes at a steep price, a.k.a., the price of agility, when those complexities are not properly addressed.

  • Leading agile frameworks and enterprise agile tools have progressed significantly during the past few years, still there is more work to be done. Further advances can yield another 30% - 40% improvement in business outcomes and speed. 

  • We are experts in portfolio managing agile investments at scale. With our 'state of the art' techniques and tools, we can help your agile organization continuously outdo themselves in terms of business outcomes, throughput, speed and productivity.

  • See our research to find out more.

Where to start?

  • The price of agility is often not obvious and paid for by various means – delayed or missing functionality, limited throughput, piling up work-in-progress inventories, and increasing coordination costs are most commonly stated.

  • Instead of the conventional portfolio management techniques, an end-to-end flow analysis across the entire agile portfolio operations is required to assess the burden of the price of agility

  • We can size your price of agility and help you determine how to best enhance your agile adoption journey.

Help us and we will help you!

  • We are pioneering a research to better understand the system behavior of scaled agile organizations. 

  • If your organization has grown over 100 resources and executing agile for over 1 year, we will assist you to conduct a preliminary assessment of the price of agility at your organization at no charge.

  • If you are interested in contributing to our research and want to learn more about our offer, please contact us.

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